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Management Services

Sunset Tropical Landscape maintain Condos, HOAs and Retail Centers. We are fully insured and our workers are required to wear a uniform.

The management services objectives are to follow sound horticultural practices so that not only is the landscape aesthetically pleasing throughout the year but also to insure that it continues to thrive, mature and replenish itself at the highest levels possible.

A. Turf Maintenance

1. Entire property area to be inspected for all types of debris such as palm fronds, fallen limbs, trash, low hanging obstructions and any other challenging area prior to mowing.

2. Mowing will be a height of 3 ½ ” to 4” and be accomplished by use of a rotary mower. Turf areas are to be mowed every ten days. Monthly schedule of mowing to be agreed upon with Property Manager. Property Manager and community will then be provided with a proposed monthly schedule.

3. Any accumulations of grass and debris will be raked and removed from the property.

4. All turf areas not accessible to mowers will be trimmed with appropriate equipment.

5. All bedding areas, tree circles and any other soft area will be edged at every mowing in conjunction with the roadways, common areas and walkways. This consistent procedure creates clean, concise lines, which in turn provides our desired manicured appearance. Sprinkler heads in swail as of this trim to be cut.

B. Shrubbery and Ornamental Plants

1. Shrubs will be trimmed and/or pruned to maintain and preserve a neat and natural appearance.

2. Trimming will emphasize the separation of different species of shrubs and will contribute to obtaining a clean and neat appearance.

3. Pruning will be performed to not only provide for a neat and natural appearance, but also to promote healthy and productive growth.

C. Tree Trimming

1. Trees limbs and fronds under 6’ will be trimmed two times per year.

2. Dead palm fronds and fronds or limbs touching homes under 12’ will be removed on a monthly basis. This service is also extended upon request and necessitation during other maintenance activities.

D. Weed Control

1. All driveways, walkways, roadways and parking areas will be sprayed once per month to control unwanted and unsightly weed and plant growth.

E. Debris Control

1. Debris shall be removed immediately after work has been completed.

2. Blowing of all walk and driveway areas will be done with mowing and trimming activities to insure that no homeowners will have debris in these areas for an excessive period of time.

F. Fertilization

1. All lawn and shrub will be three times per year using Lesco time released fertilizer.

2. EXTRA…(All Palm trees and hardwood trees will be fertilized three times per year.)

G. Miscellaneous Items

1. All crewmembers will wear uniforms and carry identification at all times.

2. Entire property will be inspected upon completion of scheduled maintenance activity.

3. Sprinkler heads to be replaced if broken by contractor.

4. Treat for fire ants as needed.

H. Optional Services

1. Turf Installation

2. Pressure Washing Services

3. Mulch and Flowers Installation

4. Fertilization of Palm trees and Hardwood trees

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